Tennessee River Surpasses Flood Stage Tuesday Afternoon, More Repairs From Last Week’s Flooding

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - the Tennessee Valley is still dealing with issues from all the rain and flash flooding we saw on July 4th. Tuesday afternoon, the Tennessee River surpassed flood stage at Whitesburg Bridge, and the river is expected to continue rising for the next day or two. Meanwhile, both Morgan and Limestone Counties are still dealing with damage the flood waters left behind.

The Tennessee Valley Authority says lake levels along the Tennessee River will continue to rise through Wednesday and into Thursday. Some flooding is expected.

In an effort to control the run-off from last week's rain, the TVA has opened flood gates at many of their dams along the Tennessee River. For example at Wheeler Dam, the flood gates are allowing some 188-thousand cubic feet of water per second to flow over the dam. That rate of flow is expected to increase Wednesday to over 200-thousand and on Thursday they're expecting the rate of flow to be better than 224-thousand cubic feet of water per second. That might not paint a very clear mental image for you but suffice it to say its enough water to fill your backyard pool in less than a second.

Meanwhile county crews are making progress where the initial flooding last week damaged several roadways. Forrest Chapel Road in Morgan County was re-opened Tuesday after workers replaced a drain under the roadway. However work continues on Cowford Road near the Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant in Limestone County. While we were there Tuesday, workers delivered new drains that will be installed under the road once the site has been properly preparred.

Meanwhile, Danville Road in Morgan County remains closed because of an enormous sinkhole that opened in the roadway. District two County Commissioner Randy Vest tells us it will be a few days yet before they will have the materials on hand to even begin the repairs here.

The repairs on Forrest Chapel are not quite finished. The road has yet to be paved where the drain had to be replaced, but at least it's open.

--Al Whitaker