House To Wrestle With Immigration Legislation


House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) must decide whether to bring immigration reform to the floor for a vote.

WHNT News 19 Political Analyst Jess Brown says rumors are swirling, “Speaker Boehner will not allow a vote on that immigration reform package on the House floor unless he has a majority of the House Republicans authorizing such a vote.”

Brown says the Speaker has tough decisions ahead, and it’s becoming clear that Congressional Republicans, for the most part, aren’t buying the compromise.

Alabama’s legislators are among those leading the dissent.

Brown says, “Both of Alabama’s Senators and our House members with one exception, certainly all the Republican House members, have been operating within the mainstream view of the Republican Party.”

That mainstream view is that the Senate botched the immigration deal.

But here’s the thing – Congressional Republicans might be in lock step, but their opinion doesn’t match up with one key group.

Brown explains, “On immigration related issues, we do find the Republican base, their opinions on immigration simply differ from the viewpoints of independents.”

Brown says independents take a more generous view toward immigration reform in general, and on Election Day, there simply aren’t enough Democrats or Republicans to swing the government one way or another.

That responsiblity rests with independent voters.

So you can see why the Speaker’s decision on this vote carries such high stakes.

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