Flash Flood Hits Decatur

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - Major flooding problems in many parts of North Alabama, including Morgan, Lawrence and Limestone counties. City streets in many partys of Decatur were impassible for hours today and a number of people were forced from their homes in Moulton, Danville and Decatur.

On Central Parkway in Decatur, James Brewer, Jr., was cleaning up his Parkway Place apartment Thursday morning when he noticed water seeping in under the front door. "All of a sudden it went to running, running, running and when I opened the door it just gushed in. I called 911," Brewer told WHNT News 19.

Police evacuated the building but quickly found themselves rushing to other emergencies. Flooded intersections, and residential streets that looked more like rivers. Other homes along Towerview Street also had to be evacuated due to flooding. Many Decatur intersections became impassible, including the busy intersection of 14th Street and Sixth Avenue where water was about a foot deep at times, and several cars stalled.

Several businesses in Decatur sustained damage, including Whitt's BBQ, Carmax Auto Sales and a business on Highway 31 South where storage buildings began floating around, banging into each other.

Sixth Avenue was reduced to one lane in several places. Further south on Highway 31, the water was rushing over the roadway. A propane gas tank broke loose and floated up to the side of the highway and was caught at a drain. Firefighters were called to the scene to secure the tank and try to keep the roadway open.

The American Red Cross has opened an emergency shelter for families who have been displaced from their homes by the flood waters. Meanwhile police and firefighters are still working to keep other areas safe as the water receeds in some areas but continues to rise in others.