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Suction Bar Goes From ‘Deal’ to ‘Debatable’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

We tested the Suction Cup Grab Bar a few weeks ago and made it a "Deal."  We tested the Suction Cup Grab Bar in a shower and it pretty much held tight.  I thought you would have a better chance pulling the shower out than the Suction Cup Grab Bar.

But we got an email from Sue who had a question about the Grab Bar:

     I have a question about a product you tested last week. The safety bars for the 
    shower. You gave it a deal but I wonder if you ran the shower, hot water, steam,
    etc to see if it still stuck and held strong? My fear is that once you steam up
    the bathroom taking a hot shower it might weaken the suction?

Thanks to Sue's email, we decided to take another look at the Suction Cup Grab Bar.

What we found was interesting. The Suction Cup Grab Bar didn't stick very well to a tile shower.  So, we don't like the Grab Bar in a tile shower.

We took the Suction Cup Grab Bar to the shower where we had previously tested it. We put up the Grab Bar and then steamed up the shower. About three minutes in,the Grab Bar fell off the shower wall.   We had mounted the Grab Bar at "three o'clock" under the shower head about two feet away.

We mounted the Grab Bar halfway from the front and back of the shower, and then steamed it up again.  That time, the Grab Bar held tight.

We think the Grab Bar will work, but you have to find a place in the shower where the steam and water might affect it the least.

We retested both places and the same thing happened.

With that update, we have changed the Deal or Dud rating from "Deal" to "Debatable."