Marshall County Boy Saves Brother From Drowning

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ARAB, Ala. (WHNT) - An 8-year-old boy in Marshall County is being called a hero by fire crews after he saved his 2-year-old brother from drowning.

Michael Redmore saw his brother Jayden on the bottom of the family's pool Tuesday afternoon and went into action.

A day afterward, the two were wrestling around on Jayden's hospital bed as if nothing had happened.  But the family knows the outcome could have been much worse.

"The kids were playing by the pool.  They were playing on the slip and slide.  The big kids got back in the pool.  This one was to stay out of it.  He was running around in the backyard playing," said Nicole Myslinsky, the boys' mother.  "My husband and I were down by the garage cleaning up some stuff.  The next thing we hear, Michael screamed, 'Jayden is drowning'."

"I went under and then I saw him at the bottom of the pool and then I pulled him up and then just yelled for help," said Michael.

L to R: Nicole, Jayden and Michael

L to R: Mom Nicole with Jayden and Michael

After Michael got his brother out of the pool, a neighbor performed CPR and by the time Arab firefighters got to the house, Jayden was breathing again.

"I thought it was scary because I didn't want to lose my baby brother," said Michael.  "Because he's just all I wanted."

Arab Fire Chief Ricky Phillips says he plans to request the mayor and city council honor Michael for his heroism.

"Quick thinking on his part," said Phillips.  "He acted like a hero.  His quick thinking saved his little brother's life."

Jayden spent Tuesday night at Marshall Medical Center North, but was released Wednesday afternoon and is expected to be fine.

Mom Nicole says the pool has been taken down.