Fans Turns Out For Stars 2nd Amendment Night

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -  After a gun-certificate give away captured national attention, The Huntsville Stars management decided it might be best to simply celebrate the good old Red, White, and Blue.

"We do a lot of promotions, every single game, but nothing supersedes the game of baseball," said Buck Rogers, general manager of the Stars.

The Fourth of July game is consistently the most well-attended game of the year. This year seems to be on track with the trend, regardless of any surrounding controversy.

Rogers chose to keep the 2nd Amendment night theme, with 2nd Amendment stats and facts aired over the PA system during the game.

"This night is about educating the public and celebrating our nation's birthday," said Rogers.

While the move sparked national debate, many game-goers hadn't even heard of the night's controversial theme.
Others, who had, were just there to enjoy fireworks and a baseball game.

"I was surprised they were having it in conjunction with the baseball game," said Stars fan Dianne Baas. "I was glad when they canceled that part out. Just stick with baseball."

There was one man - whose support was emblazoned on his shirt, that read "Team Glock."

"The raffle's not important to me, but the 2nd Amendment is," said Ron Sanford. "We've got to stand up for our rights, we've got to stand up for what we believe in. That's what I believe in."