‘Thursday’s Child’ Helps Children With Special Needs

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Delilah Vaughn started the 'Thursday's Child Program' for special needs children in Marshall County some 15 years ago and it is still the only one like it in the county.

Ms. Vaughn learned raising a special needs child requires every moment of every day after she adopted a 9-year-old girl with severe physical and mental challenges.  Delilah decided to open her home to those families with special needs children to allow them the chance to run a few errands or just take a nap without having to worry about their child.  From those few hours once a week, Thursday's Child is now a summer program two days per week where the children actually receive speech, occupational and physical therapy along with loving care.

Here's what Patti Bearden has to say about Delilah Bearden.  "I think Delilah is amazing, she has the biggest heart of anybody I have ever met. She has taken her time, and her finances and everything and put into this program for these families."

Delilah refuses to take the credit for Thursday's Child, though.

"I mean this is totally operated on volunteers, you know they come every year and give their summer, they take care of these kids and you know, God just blesses me, I'm telling you it just sets me on fire" says Delilah.  "People are so generous, I mean, because we don't charge the parents, I couldn't operate if I had to charge a parent to keep their special needs child."

Thursday's Child operates totally through donations and the Pay It Forward money will go to send one of two eligible children to summer camp. If you would like to help send the other child to camp or just make a donation, please send it to Thursday's Child, P.O. Box 321, Guntersville, AL 35976.