Priceville Man Helps Community With Friendship, Humor

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PRICEVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - In this week's Pay It Forward, we introduce you to Mark Sanders.  He's not only is extremely active in his community, but also his church.

Lisa Clem nominated Mark and says he is one of the most important men in her life. In fact, she says he is like a second dad to her and adds that Mark is a friend and helper to everyone he meets.

"He does everything for anybody and he does it to please God and not anybody else," Clem said.

Lisa first met Mark when he visited her family and invited them to attend Cave Spring Baptist Church. She says he was "so Christ-like, he just touched my life then when he came to our house and I hugged him before he left and I was like super-embarrassed because I had just met him."

She says that was the start of a true friendship.  "He's my second dad," Clem said.

When Lisa presented Mark with the $319 Pay It Forward check, Mark said exactly what she thought he would.

"You know what we can do with that, we can give it to the youth troop!" Mark exclaimed.

Mark says his faith is what leads him to do what he does.

"I lost a son in a car accident, my wife had a bout with cancer, I had an ear disease and I had to turn to the Lord and when I truly got happiness back in my life is when I started serving God."

It's easy to see why everyone likes Mark so much, as he also has a great sense of humor.  Mark loves to fish and says it is a great help in staying close to the Lord.

"I had sorta named my boat "Visitation".  Me and the pastor were out fishing one day when someone called and he said we are out on visitation."

Chances are, if you are looking for Mark, you'll either find him working at the church, helping one of his neighbors or "out on visitation."

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