Have a Blast without Blowing up Your Wallet

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.  (WHNT) - As the Fourth of July approaches, WHNT NEWS 19 did some research on how you can have a blast and still save money.

Right now, fireworks are selling for up to 70 percent off their normal prices.

That's the first way to make sure the "snap, crackle and pop" you're hearing isn't happening in your wallet!

On University Drive in Huntsville, you can't miss him: a 50 foot tall blue gorilla standing in front of TNT Supercenter, a warehouse full of every kind of firework you could want.

"The kids enjoy it," said Jerome Staggs, manager of the store.  "Some people can't go to Disneyworld, but they can enjoy fireworks."

Staggs says now is the time to buy and save for an explosive fireworks display.

"Shop early," said Staggs.  "The earlier you shop the more coupons we have out and you just get better buys."

His store is a case in point.   The biggest brightest fireworks packages are already buy-one-get-one-free.

If you wait until the last minute, stores that are trying to get rid of unsold stock will discount the fireworks even more.  However, you do risk having only a limited choice with the more popular ones selling out.

Experts say one way people waste money is buying the wrong thing.

It pays to determine what you want and like ahead of time, shop for those fireworks, and don't give into impulse buying.

At TNT, you can actually see a demo of what they have to determine if it's what you want.

You can save money if you buy fireworks in bulk packages, but it defeats the purpose if what you buy isn't what you like.

It's worth your while to look around in various stores and online.

"You've got to shop," said Staggs.  "And you've got to go on the internet and look for coupons."

That also includes small pop-up firework stands.

Often their prices will be lower than bigger warehouses because they don't have to pay for the overhead which can force higher prices.

Here's one other way to save on fireworks:  smartphone apps.  There are a few that give you an ongoing display for free at your fingertips.

Both iPhones and Android phones have such apps, which are free and fun.

Here's one more idea to save money:  pool together with your neighbors to buy what you need to put on a spectacular show at your house.

And don't go for illegal fireworks.  The possible lack of quality ends up costing you money due to disappointment.

As for a dud, TNT guarantees their fireworks, so if you get a dud, you can bring it back and they'll replace it.

Finally, make sure you follow your local ordinances.  Generally speaking, it's legal to shoot off fireworks in the county, but not in the city.