Kids to Love:Nazarius

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An update on one of our Kids to Love that you first met last year.  Nazarius is still waiting for a forever family.

You may remember Nazarius, he was the one who…

“I love red velvet cake”

He’s matured a lot in the last year…now 13, he’s facing the awkward teenage years in foster care.  He’ll be in 8th grade and loves history.

“Studying like wars, Pear Harbor, all that other stuff.” Nazarius shares.

He’s been in foster care for years and in and out of group homes and facilities.

Lee asks “Do you wanna be adopted?”

Nazarius answers “Yeah I wanna be adopted”

Lee “Why”

Nazarius “Cause I hate moving a lot”

Nazarius is a jokester…and always entertaining…

Lee asks “What do you want to be”

Nazarius says “be a WW Wrestler”

Lee asks “What would be your name?”

“Black lantern or black dynamite or king dynamite.” Nazarius laughs…