Pit Bull Rehabilitation Stalled But Likely; Judge Must Rule For Possession of Animals

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One of the dogs in the fighting ring in Lauderdale County.

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – The Lauderdale County district attorney’s office has filed a civil lawsuit, asking a judge for permission to sign over the dogs recovered from a possible dog fighting ring.

A judge must rule on the possession of the dogs, so the animals can get the help they need.

Court documents state a judge must decide whether pit bulls recovered from a dog fighting ring should be “humanely destroyed due to disease or injury.”  However, Assistant District Attorney, Angie Hamilton says, that’s not likely.  “Under law, we have to file that motion,” said Hamilton.  Hamilton believes with the condition of the animals, all of the dogs will be able to live and be rehabilitated.

Deputies found 13 dogs chained up to a property along County Road 41 in Lauderdale County on June 14.

Since Shoals area rescues and humane societies were full, an Atlanta based humane society rescued the dogs.  According to Hamilton, without a court order, the shelter is incurring all the costs.  Hamilton says it costs approximately $650 per dog, per day.  Also, until a Lauderdale County judge makes a ruling, the animals can not be rehabilitated or be given away to foster homes.  However, the dogs can be checked by a veterinarian.

Lauderdale County Sheriff’s detectives spent more than 24 hours at the scene.  According to investigators, the dogs were underweight and malnourished.  Detectives say they animals had obvious wounds from fighting.

L to R: Quinton Lashawn Butler, Dereus Lamar Qualls (Photos: Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office)

Police arrested Quinton Lashawn Butler and Dereus Lamar Qualls and charged them with possession of fighting dogs.

Both Butler and Qualls have bonded out of jail.