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Safia Memon Ordered to Pay Small Restitution


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The Circuit Court of Madison County has ordered Safia Memon to pay a small restitution to Madison County.

Safia Memon is ordered to pay the cost incurred by both The Madison Coutny District Attorney’s Office and the Madison County Sheriff’s Department  for transporting her son, Hammad Memon, back to Madison County from Texas.

She is ordered to pay $51.00 to the Madison County Sheriff’s Department and $371.00 to the Madison County District Attorney’s Office.

On June 10, Safia Memon was sentenced to one year of probation for pleading guilty to attempting to hinder prosecution by attempting to help her son escape justice.

As a part of her sentence, she was also ordered to pay a fine of $6,000 and all costs incurred by the circuit court.

Read the order here: Safia Restitution


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