Lone Signal Aims To Connect You To Aliens



Would you pay to send a message to outer space, on the off chance E.T. might get it? A new website, Lone Signal, is hoping you will.

As CNNMoney reports, the New York startup will beam your messages to a star – Gliese 526 – in a potentially habitable solar system 17 light years away.

The messages will reportedly be sent “from the fabled Jamesburg Earth Station, a satellite site that was first built to support the Apollo 11 moon mission.” Now privately owned, “Lone Signal has secured a 30-year lease on its satellite equipment.”

At the Lone Signal website, people can sign-up to send out a 144-character message for free. After that, they can purchase four text messages for 99 cents. People can also browse the messages – some of them are really funny – that others are “beaming” out to space.

The company hopes to eventually raise some real money for a large-scale continuous transmission project.

“The only way to do that would be to interest the private sector in the same way that Space X has brought the private sector into space exploration,” Jamie King, Lone Signal’s CEO, told CNNMoney, “That’s the goal of Lone Signal’s text-messaging project: to generate mass-market interest in the concept of communicating with aliens.”

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