We Like the CafeCup!

The size of the evolutionary leap that “K-Cups” provided to morning Joe is pretty much the same mankind took when humans created fire.

You doubt that?

Well, think of what the world would be like if caffeine-addicted coffee drinkers didn’t get their fix every morning, and through the day.

Thank you.

K-Cups are great.   For those of you who aren’t up to speed, K-Cups provide a quick cup of coffee that is produced, first by Keurig, and then a host of copycats. When you make your coffee with these machines, you throw the K-Cup away.

It’s not crazy expensive. But it can add up.

18 K-Cups can cost anywhere from $12-$14.  If you really shop around, you might get 18 for $9.00

But now the CafeCup rides the rescue. You can get six CafeCups to a pack and it costs $9.99. The CafeCups are reusable. You use a scoop, that comes in the CafeCup pack, to fill it, and then you insert the CafeCup into a coffee maker that uses K-Cups.

The K-Cups seem to be very sturdy. They worked perfectly into two coffee makers that use K-Cups.

You can get the CafeCup in any home store , or pretty much anywhere that sells “As Seen on TV” projects.

We like the CafeCup and make it a Deal.

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