Mother Loses Son Two Years Ago, State Still Doing Autopsy

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A Huntsville mother lost her son two years ago. She's not yet sure what killed the 28-year-old. Staff at Alabama's Department of Forensics don't know either.

Diane Lee wondered if WHNT NEWS 19 could get the state to speed up the process determining her son's cause of death. She believes the wait could literally kill her. Lee feels she's been on an emotional roller coaster in the two years since her son's death.

Lee has gone to the hospital twice with heart-related problems. She blames her stress on the state not finishing her son's autopsy. She believes the state is "two years too late" coming up with a decision.

There's no other way to really say it.

"Last couple of years have been really rough," said Lee.

Lee needs closure. She lost her son Devarron Lee in April 2011, but doesn't know how.

"I just feel if I get the closure, I could just move on," added Lee.

The wife and mother thinks she could move on if she had Devarron's death certificate.

"There's not a day that goes by I don't think about him. Some days are better than others," added Lee.

Lee remembers the day her 28-year-old son, living with autism, died. Her life-changing moment started with a phone call from the group home where Devarron had lived for seven months.

"I had a feeling something was not right when I got it. I didn't expect death," added Lee.

Lee recalls the group home's staff telling her to go to the hospital. Devarron's end would come soon after his mother arrived.

Lee stated, "It seemed like it was just two different stories. So many stories were told at the time about what happened out there during that time."

Devarron's mom admits, two years later, she believes the group home is holding back. She's not talked to the staff at the home since.

"I'm kind of confused. I am somewhat angry a little and confused about what happened," added Lee.

The state did an autopsy on Devarron.

"Every time they've been contacted by the coroner, it's always, we can't get any answers," added Lee.

There's some good news here. WHNT NEWS 19 called the coroner Monday to ask for an update on Devarron's autopsy. Craig Whisenant said the state finished Devarron's autopsy a couple of weeks after WHNT NEWS 19 began asking questions.