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Micyl Sweeney & ‘Canines For A Cause’

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This week's Pay It Forward features a man driven by the desire to just help people in need.

Luci Johnston nominated Micyl Sweeney.

"Micyl is the founder and chairman of Breaking Boundaries Foundation, a 501c non-profit organization.  He got the idea for the Foundation after volunteering with Boeing's Helping Hands group after the tornadoes of 2011 and 2012," Johnston wrote.

Micyl carried that a step further by establishing a program which helps those needing a service dog get one.

"This young mother, 30 years old, came to us with her son Steven, needing a service dog, he's a diabetic and at that age diabetes can be really bad, she has to monitor him all the time," said Sweeney.  "So we decided okay, we'll help and that just spiraled off into a whole program we have called Canines For The Cause."

The dogs aren't cheap, though.

"Yeah, it's a little costly, anywhere from $8,000 to $12,000," said Johnston.

Micyl adds this.

"We bridge the financial gap between the service dog providers and those who need them because there's just a huge need and the insurance companies don't pay for them."

Micyl has already done one benefit to help Steven and his mother.

"We did the benefit for her and we raised $1,000, so we're sending that for her dog," he said.

Micyl says the Pay It Forward money really comes at a good time.

"Oh, it'll help out greatly, it'll help out cause they just need it," Micyl said.  "We've got like 12 people on our waiting list and every day someone's calling me saying 'I need a service dog'."

Micyl has a Facebook page set up for his Breaking Boundaries Foundation, which runs Canines For The Cause.  Check it out to get more information.

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