Achievement, Growth Addressed In Wardynski’s Annual Evaluation

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -  At Tuesday night's board meeting, the Huntsville City School board members addressed the goals they set for the past school year, and how well those goals were met under Superintendent Casey Wardynski's leadership.

"We wanted to make sure the kids were moving forward.  Not just closing the achievement gap, but moving all achievement forward," said board member David Blair, who led the evaluation.

Under achievements, the school board highlighted higher enrollment in AP classes, growth in proficiency in math and reading, and an impressive 17% increase in graduation rates. They also achieved their goal of implementing a plan to get out from under the federal desegregation order, and build seven new schools.

"This was a great demonstration of every single factor that progress that has been made," said board member Jennie Robinson. "Just knocked it out of the park."

Of course the discussions all came back around to the Accountability Act, and the newly released list of Alabama's failing schools.

It's something Wardynski sees as yet another hurdle for the district to overcome.

"This just does needless damage to Huntsville," said Wardynski. "We're already making the progress, we already know what the problems are."

Dr. Wardynski and the board members cautioned parents when making their decisions about where their child will go to school, to not just look at the 'failing' label assigned by the state, but to consider how far those schools have come.

"For mom and dad if your child is at Westlawn, Davis Hills, Lakewood, Martin Luther King, or Dawson, in my view they're right where they need to be," said Wardynski. "Because we know what we need to do there. If they went to another school they'd be blended in with a population of children with a different needs than they have at this point."

The board members will fill out their evaluations over the next week and announce the results at the next board meeting.