Federal Agents Arrest 12 Tennessee Valley Residents On Drug Charges

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FAYETTEVILLE, Tenn. (WHNT) - Federal drug agents believe they've swept quite a few big drug dealers off the streets. Dozens of them fanned out across Lincoln and Madison Counties round-up the drug dealers up one-by-one.

Drug agents locked up 12 people Monday. The round-up started during the early morning hours. Lincoln County Sheriff Murray Blackwelder told WHNT NEWS 19 the people arrested are involved a drug ring going back several years.

One by one, drug agents and police walked men and women into the Tennessee National Guard Armory in Lincoln County.

"We want to take them off the street by whatever means necessary. We are not going to quit until we get them," said Sheriff Blackwelder.

Lincoln County deputies brought them out.

"We're definitely not through. This is the just the first wave," added Sheriff Blackwelder.

The wave of arrests that put 12 people behind bars. Ten are from Lincoln County and two live in Huntsville.

"It encompasses a whole lot of different people who all had a part to play in this operation," added Sheriff Blackwelder.

Blackwelder believes the 12 ran a massive drug operation. He confirmed all involved knew each other and were connected to the arrests drug agents made in Lincoln a few weeks ago. The dozen arrested Monday will face charges ranging from conspiracy to distribute to money laundering.

"They are all federal indictments, so there are still some things we have to wrap up. It is an ongoing investigation," added Sheriff Blackwelder.

The sheriff expects to announce more arrests soon.