Train Your Brain With Lumosity

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Credit: Lumosity

Feeling a little slow-to-go? You might be able to restore some of that mental vim and vigor with the website Lumosity.

Lumosity claims to be able to increase your brain-power, or at least keep it working in proper order, through a series of simple games.

When you sign up with Lumosity, you can create a personalized set of goals – everything from improved memory to better cognitive reasoning is an option.

Each day, when you log-in, you’ll be presented with a series of simple games to play, designed to challenge you brain in different ways. Lumosity is based “on the science of neuroplasticity—your brain’s ability to strengthen and grow.” To read more about Lumosity and give it a try, click here.

Even if it doesn’t make you brain more alert, playing games on the computer is still more fun than work, right?