Suction Cup Grab Bar a Deal!

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It's not a phone but it looks like one. It also looks like a demented set of micky mouse musketeer ears; but it's not that either.

The Suction Cup Grab Bar claims to help prevent dangerous slips and falls in the shower. It requires no holes, screws, or tools to put the device in your shower.

If it works, as advertised, that would be cool since you have no moving parts really to worry about.

In fact, getting it out of the packaging, as it is most of the time, harder than making the product work.

First up, read the directions. It's a product that claims to increase safety, so you need to follow the directions to the letter.

You clean off the spot in the shower where you want to put the grab bar.

You then put the bar on the spot you want, and press the levers down.

It has a component of the suction bar that seems to be different than other products. There is a red/green indicator that shows if the suction bar is "safe secure."

It worked great for us.

Once we had the bar in the spot, it seemed to work fine. When we tried to pull it off, the suction cup grab bar held tight.
It cost $19.99 and we like it.