Happy Reunion: Dogs Returned To Owners After Groomer Switch

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - The dogs at the center of a groomer mix-up are back with their rightful owners.

Late Wednesday night, Bailey, was returned to Tami Rudolph, nine days after being given to the wrong family.

The family who took Bailey home had been out of town for several days, and say they didn't even realize they had the wrong dog.  However, Rudolph says she knew right away.

Rudolph had tears of joy as she finally had Bailey back in her arms.  The families met for the first time at Debbie's Tidy Dog to return the mixed up dogs.

"I can finally be happy again," said Rudolph.  "And sleep."

The owner of Debbie's Tidy Dog says it's a relief the dogs are back with their owners.  However, this incident has prompted changes to the way staff takes records of the animals they are servicing.