Animal Cruelty Investigation: Dog’s Ears Cut With Scissors

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - A case of animal cruelty out of the Shoals has animal lovers outraged.

According to Florence Lauderdale Animal Control, a dog owner cut its animal's ears with scissors.

Shelter employees say the puppy, Soleil, was brought to them in severe pain.

“I mean, all of us can imagine, if someone took a pair of scissors and starting cutting our ears.  There's all kinds of nerves in those ears,” said shelter supervisor Vinnie Grosso.

According to Grosso, the puppy’s owners said they wanted the dog to look "mean", so they tried to crop the animal's ears with scissors.

“With the infection that was in those ears, it probably would have died from this,” said Grosso.

After hours of medical attention, Soleil is now recovering with one of the shelter's foster families.

Animal control officers warn people it's against the law to practice these types of inhumane practices on your own animals.

“Unfortunately a lot of people think they are qualified to do that,” explained Grosso.

According to volunteers, the puppy has been signed over to the animal shelter, which means the owners will not get the dog back once it heals.

Animal Control officers say they are still investigating this case.  The owners could face possible animal cruelty charges.