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Kids to Love: Tylor

Tylor loves animals and would love to have a forever family!

Tylor is 13...

“14 in July” he says.

He'll be in the 8th grade this fall.

"I like school and I mostly like math.” Tylor says.

“What kind of grades do you make?” Lee asks.

“As and Bs.”  Tylor says.

“Do you have to study a lot?” Lee asks.

“No ma'am, usually I study right before the test and I make an A or B." Tylor answers.

Tylor is already focused on his future.

"I want to be a Marine." Tylor shares.

Tylor has been in foster care almost 3 years.

"I've only moved about 3 times." He says.

With each move comes more hurt.

“Being away from family, when you get attached to one foster parent and you have to move, it kinda hurts you a little bit." Tylor reflects.

Tylor also wants a forever family.

"It's important to me because I know I can't live with my mom no more because her rights have been terminated and I'd like to be able to do more stuff instead of having to have permission from the state to do something like go out of state and go on vacation and I'd like to be adopted cause I'd like to just be able to settle down and have another family again." Tylor says.

Tylor would love to live on a farm and be the only child!

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