Huntsville Tries To Get Jump Start On Mosquito Season

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - This week's rainy weather could bring some unwanted visitors to your property.  Mosquito fogging in Huntsville started about two weeks ago, but it doesn't keep the pests away for good.

"The thing about rain is a lot of our swamp areas are dried up.  Now they're wet again and they'll start breeding," said Cheryl Clay, a public health environmentalist.

Madison County Vector Control started fogging our streets for mosquitoes on May 20th.

"The biggest problems we're having this time of year are with the swamp water mosquitoes," said Clay.  "We're getting a lot of complaints in those areas so we're trying to hit those areas hard."

Clay says rainy weather presents a catch-22 for the service.

"When it rains it flushes out the ditches and gets any areas that are breeding on out to areas that may have fish that may feed on the immature stages of mosquitoes, so that's a good thing," said Clay.

But the wetness can also create standing water on your property.

"It can be a very small amount of water," said Clay.  "Even a teaspoon can breed mosquitoes if that gets filled back up and stays stagnant for too long then that will breed mosquitoes and that will cause a big problem for them."

Clay says they routinely fog problem areas, but it helps to know where those areas are.

"We don't spray on a schedule," said Clay.  "We don't do you every other Tuesday, we go where the major problems are, we spray everywhere as needed when we find problems but sometimes the public helps us find where those problems are a lot faster."

The Vector Control Division has a new online feature this year.  Go to and put in your address, and it will tell you the last time your street was fogged.