Local Amatuer Aces 14th Hole at John Stallworth Tournament

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Huntsville AL, On a day where some of the most legendary football players on the planet were in the Rocket City, Franco Blackburn stole the show. Blackburn recorded a hole in one at the par three 14th, on Hampton Cove's River course. The shot earned Blackburn a new car, and bragging rights among all the celebrities in attendance.

"Actually I didn't really know that it went in," Blackburn said during his post-round lunch behind the clubhouse at Hampton Cove. "I had to rely on the guys who was already up there to tell me. He threw up his hands like a field goal, and i said 'really, it went in?' I just gave all the guys high fives."

Blackburn is a former baseball player at Southern University and currently lives with his wife in Huntsville.