Click Picks: DoulaMatch

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Research suggests that moms looking to achieve a natural, drug-free birth have a better chance if they have a good support network. That support network often includes a doula – a hired labor coach. So, how can you find one?

If you’re expecting (or expecting to be expecting) and interested in a doula’s help, check out The website serves as a database where you can search by state, zipcode or name.

Each doula profile features a description of services offered, fees, notes about philosophy, etc. You’ll also find a tab for credentials (make sure to check these out before working with anyone claiming to be a labor coach) as well as an availability calendar – so you’ll know right away if a doula will be available for your birth.

There’s also a testimonial section – where you can read about the experiences people had using a particular doula.

For more information on doulas, visit the DONA International website.