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SEC Debates Nine-Game Conference Schedule

SEC coaches are in Destin, Florida for the conference's annual Spring meeting.  There are a lot of topics getting discussed, including a "primary" men's basketball site for the conference tournament and football scheduling.

One of the things debated is if SEC football teams should go to a nine-game conference schedule.  Alabama head coach Nick Saban has said he's wanted this expanded schedule for some time.

"If you increase the size of the league by 15%, you really need to increase the number of games," said Nick Saban, Alabama head coach.  "I think there are people who want to keep their cross-divisional rivalry, I think every player in the league should have the opportunity to play every school in their career, but if you don't play two rotating teams on the other side, that doesn't happen. And I really don't think we should become a conference of two divisions where you just play your division and you don't play anybody on the other side."


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