Hammad Memon Guilty Plea Could Impact Civil Case


MADISON, Ala – (WHNT) Attorneys for the teen charged in the Discovery Middle School shooting agreed to a plea deal in the case.

Hammad Memon was charged with killing fellow student Todd Brown in February of 2010.

Of course, there’s also another case involving the events at Discovery Middle.

It’s a civil suit that names Hammad Memon, his parents, Madison City Schools Superintendent Dee Fowler, and former Discovery Middle Principal Sharon Willis.

I spoke with the attorney for Madison City Schools Woody Sanderson.

He’s defending both Fowler and Willis.

He says the suit has been moving slowly, “With the impending trial date that was June 17th, I think to some degree there’s probably been a ‘wait and see’ kind of attitude about let’s see what happens and then move this case forward.”

That’s partially because of a judge’s stay on the claims against Hammad Memon himself.

Sanderson explains what that means, “The plaintiff’s attorneys couldn’t take his deposition or issue any written discovery to him.  The case was not stayed against other defendants, and there has been some ongoing discovery, though it hasn’t progressed to a significant degree.”

Sanderson hopes a judge will side with his clients, ending the case for them without having to even appear before a jury.

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