The Egg Beats is a Deal

Many times when shopping for Deal or Dud items, I stumble on little treasures.

Sometimes the treasures are quirky little jewels that make me wish I could channel my imagination better into something that creates…money.

That is the case with the Egg Beats iPhone Speaker and Stand.

It only cost $5.00.  You can order it only line for two for $10.00 on the Egg Beats website.

(Yes, I know the math is the same, but I’m about to explain how it’s different.   Well…nevermind)

But if you order it online, the shipping and handling will probably set you back at least $3,543. Maybe it’s less.  But you get the point.

The Egg Beats is a cool little device that allows you to boost your iPhone volume.  When I discovered iTunes, I started buying songs like a drunken sailor buys drinks during Ship Week.

But I digress.

The Egg Beats uses no batteries or cables.

The Egg Beats is a cool little egg-shaped glorified megaphone.  It has a little tunnel carved into it that feeds from the iPhone speaker.  You put the iPhone in the Egg Beats, and it jacks up the volume about 12-15 decibels. That might not sound like much, but in the world of “I want more volume at the beach, lake, or back yard” it is very noticeable.

Also, it’s a sturdy product, so if you do take it to the beach, lake, or backyard to make your music louder it should hold up.

The Egg Beats iPhone Speaker and Stand is a Deal. We like it.

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