NASA’s Associate Administrator Happy with Progress on SLS Project

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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. (WHNT) - NASA Associate Administrator Robert Lightfoot is in town visiting Marshall Space Flight Center to check on how things are progressing for the Space Launch Systems program.

He spoke to media representatives Wednesday Morning at MSFC, saying he was happy to see new hardware in use and things moving ahead right on schedule.

Seeing the world's largest multi-axis milling machine in action working on an adaptor for future missions in human space exploration was one of the highlights of the visit for Lightfoot.

"I mean this is the adapter that's going to actually adapt the Orion spacecraft to the Delta Four that's being built in Decatur," he said.  "So we can do our first test the exploration flight test one that we're gonna do in 2014."

Lightfoot briefed everyone on where things stand with the SLS program financially.

"The Pesident's proposed budget of $17.7 billion keeps us on the track that we want to get on, which is begining that next step in space exploration and continuing to do the great aeronautics research and science that we do as an agency," said Lightfoot.

And he praised workers at  MSFC for keeping the project on schedule and within budget.

He also mentioned technology aboard the international space station -- put together by workers at MSFC -- that is being used to analyze the devastation in Oklahoma in order to understand how the weather scenario developed as it did.