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moon explosion

There was an explosion recently that touched off a flash ten times as bright as anything humans have ever seen.

If you didn’t feel or see it, that’s because it happened on the moon. reports the explosion was visible on Earth without the aid of a telescope.

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And it only lasted about a second, but a NASA astronomer says the flash from it was nearly 10 times as bright as anything NASA has seen before.

NASA astronomers are looking out for such explosions on the moon as part of a program to find new fields of space debris that could hit Earth.

NASA says it sees hundreds of detectable lunar meteoroid impacts a year, but the one on March 17th was the largest.

 The meteoroid was about 40 kilograms and less than a meter wide, and it hit the moon’s surface at 56,000 mph, with  an explosion equivalent to 5 tons of TNT.

If you’re wondering how there can be an explosion on the moon, without oxygen, NASA says the flash of light comes from the glowing molten rock at the impact site.

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