City Officials And Arts Council Hold Public Discussion On Downtown Noise

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A meeting on the courthouse steps drew Huntsville musicians and the people who love them, Sunday afternoon

The city of Huntsville and the Arts Council hosted a public discussion to clear up any misunderstandings between the public and the city regarding the city's noise ordinance.

"I have friends who play in bands down here and they are concerned they will be cited for breaking the noise ordinance," said Vera Vergara.

In April, a band playing at Humphrey`s was cited for playing louder than the city`s 62-decibel limit, after residents of the nearby Belk-Hudson Lofts complained about the noise.

City officials promise police do not patrol with the goal of finding bands breaking the sound limit, rather they only respond to complaints - which are few and far between. The circumstances that particular evening were unique.

It`s good news for artists as the city moves forward on a potential plan for a downtown entertainment district.

"It`s so important to have that in a city because we just can`t have everything else without that creative vibe," said Joanna White, with the Arts Council.

White says the collaboration between musicians and city officials has been encouraging.
and is pleased to see the two parties work through any misunderstandings, to further benefit downtown.

"Downtown is great, it`s beautiful but who wants to walk around downtown all the time without something great to see and something exciting to be a part of?"