Two Arrested In Large Spice Bust In Madison County

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NEW HOPE, Ala. (WHNT) - Investigator arrested a New Hope couple in a huge spice bust this week.  They say they found approximately 900 packets of the drug in their home.

Jennifer Bonds and Marty Raines are behind bars on $1.5 million bond each.  They face charges of trafficking spice, which carries the same weight as if they had been trafficking cocaine.

Spice suspectsInvestigators confiscated about 900 packets of spice, which would sell for $30 each.  The total street value of this stash is about $27,000.

Authorities also seized two cars and $5,000 in cash.

Spice -- or anything resembling synthetic marijuana -- is illegal in Alabama.

Investigators believe with this bust, they may have saved the lives of teenagers who were the likely target.

"If you have kids in our community, this right here probably saved one of [their lives]," said Sgt. Brian Chaffin.  "If they were ever put in a situation where they could have used this right here.. this might have saved a lot of kids' lives."

Sgt. Chaffin says he believes Raines and Bonds were the top spice dealers in northeast Alabama, bringing it in from out of state and selling it on the streets.

If convicted, the two could face life in prison.