Ronald Weems Sentenced to Life for Amanda Taylor’s Murder

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Ronald Weems, during his trial. (Photo: Carter Watkins, WHNT News 19)

COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — A judge sentenced convicted killer Ronald Weems to life in prison Thursday for killing Amanda Taylor.

Weems was also sentenced to 10 years for Abuse of a Corpse.  Both sentences will run consecutively.  Weems was found guilty April 11.

Judge Jacqueline Hatcher was frank with her words during the sentencing.

“I have not seen any remorse from you, based on everything, including your actions after the murder and during the trial,” Judge Hatcher said.  “Mr. Weems, you scare me, and I hope the parole board will not consider an early release,” the judge added.

Colbert County District Attorney Bryce Graham asked the judge for a strong sentence.

“[It’s] one of the most atrocious crimes I have ever seen while working in this position and ask for the max sentences to run consecutive,” Graham said.

During the sentencing hearing, Weems filed a motion for a mistrial, claiming he was not able to assist his lawyer with the defense.  He also claimed there was a conflict of interest.  Weems presented a hand-written motion stating attorney John McKelvey was unwilling to allow Weems to help in the defense.  Weems also alleged McKelvey was personal friends of the family who were the prosecution’s witnesses.

Weems signed the motion “Thank You and God Bless.”

The judge ruled Weems’ motion was filed prematurely and suggested he re-file it.

Taylor was murdered and dismembered in October 2011.  Her remains were found the following month.