Floodwater Rises At Ditto Landing

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Water is up all over north Alabama.  It's especially bad in areas that normally flood, like along the Tennessee River.

The water is definitely creeping up at Ditto Landing.  Duane Johnson started coming out here about a year ago to take pictures, but he hasn't seen the Landing look quite like this.

"Never.  Not since I've been coming out here has it been quite so deep," said Johnson.  "And it's still coming down."

We saw some trucks pull through the high water, but Johnson wasn't that eager.

"It has gradually flowed over the road, and for a day or two it dropped back down," said Johnson.  "You could actually drive through this area here.  I just tried to drive through it, and it got a little deeper than what I felt was worth the risk."

Plenty of people came out here to rescue RV's from rising water.  Johnson said it's his spirituality that draws him.

"Oh, I love the Lord," Johnson said.  "Creation is beautiful.  For all the things that we make, a single blade of grass is way more complicated."

And the water draws that spirituality out.

"You start to get an idea of how Noah must have felt way back when," said Johnson.

As for right now, no need for an ark.  A truck will do fine.