Pay It Forward: The Heard Sisters

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MADISON CROSSROADS, Ala. (WHNT) – This week’s Pay It Forward features a pair of sister's, Britney and Chelsey Heard.

The Heards are this week's Pay It Forward recipients because of their efforts to help special needs children.

They were nominated by Cheryl Booth, a special needs teacher at Madison Crossroads school.

"Britney and Chelsey Heard spearheaded a book drive to provide my students with additional learning material," Booth wrote. "They did this on their own and surprised us with the books.This is such a kind and thoughtful thing to do for my students and they were so excited when they got the books."

The girls work at Books-A-Million.  With the store's blessing, they set up a book drive and collected 50 books for Booth's class.

"When the community would go and buy books, the girls would ask if they would buy books for my class and put them in a bin and that's how we got our donation," said Booth.  "They came out twice and spent time with the kids and the kids loved it and they loved them, so it was wonderful."

Britney Heard says, "I feel like the classrooms that are special needs don't maybe get many opportunities to go to the library because they are very limited with their reading levels and stuff so I wanted to get them books specifically for their classroom," said Britney Heard.

"We have a special needs cousin and we feel like we want people to do it for her and her school and we feel like out here where we live we want them to have the same," said Chelsey Heard.

Britney and Chelsey couldn't believe they were getting the Pay It Forward.

"Well, yeah we don't really expect it, we just wanted to do it for them," they said.

Which is exactly why we Paid It Forward to the girls.

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