Huntsville City School Board Approves New Grissom High School Location

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Grissom is the largest high school in the Huntsville School District, but it sits on the smallest plot of land.

Thursday, after months of planning, the school board approved a plan to purchase a $2.5 million plot of land off Weatherly Road to house a new Grissom High School.

Students and faculty have long outgrown the aging facilities.

"[The existing school] is not as effective for learning as it could be, so I'm hoping the new facility will be the perfect meld for the students and faculty," said Elisa Ferrel, Grissom High School PTSA President.

The new location, a 61-acre plot of land is nearly twice the size of the existing Grissom campus.

Superintendent Casey Wardynski says the move will give the school and city room to grow.

"The part of town the existing Grissom is in is getting older and not generating as many students," said Wardynski. "The new piece of land would not only generate more students but development as well."

Consultants say the new location already has the roads and utility infrastructure that they would need to begin construction on a new 21st century school. However, there's currently no timeline on when construction would begin.