Click Picks: Re-Creating the World’s First Website


Anyone who’s older than 25 years of age may remember our version of the Stone Age:  the time when computer programmers put together the very first website.

It was in 1989 and now a team of researchers is trying to re-create it and bring it back to remind us all what it was like in the ‘old days’.   Read the details at by clicking here.

The European Organization for Nuclear Research is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the date it released – for free – the technology and software needed to run a web server.

In honor of that anniversary, a team is recreating a working version of the first website – a how-to by the project’s creator.

The organization announced the release of that website on April 30, 1993.

A British physicist named the web – called W3 for short – in 1989.

It was designed as a way for scientists at various universities and other institutes to share information.


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