Click Picks: Age-Defying Hamburger Lasts 14 Years

14 year old hamburger

Here’s something to ponder: if you bought a hamburger from McDonald’s and decided to save it to eat later, how long do you think it would last—with or without refrigeration—before it changed forms?

A man in Utah accidentally tested that out and found out one burger he bought lasted 14 years.  Read the story at by clicking here.

Yahoo reports David Whipple said he bought a hamburger with pickles, mustard and ketchup from the Golden Arches in July 1999 to use as a visual aid for a presentation about enzymes and reactions.

He let it age for a month, then showed it to his students and noticed no changes.  There was no mold, fungus, or smell..

He then stuffed the burger in a bag, and left it in his truck over summer months.  It eventually ended up in a closet in his home — in 1999.

Now, the picture of what it looks like 14 years later has gone viral online, since it shows the burger is basically unchanged.

McDonald’s reportedly had no explanation to offer, saying their hamburger patties are 100% percent USDA-inspected beef, cooked and prepared with salt and pepper but nothing else – no preservatives and no fillers.

The bun is made from North American-grown wheat flour.

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