UNA Campus Gains “StormReady” Distinction

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT)When severe weather hits, the situation can turn chaotic:  especially when there's thousands of people to be accounted for.

However campus leaders at the University of North Alabama say the safety of students and faculty will be better protected.

UNA has been declared a "Storm Ready" campus.

The new weather command center is set up with maps and interactive radars.  It's a system set up to help campus leaders make informed decisions when severe weather is on the way in.

And according to David Nadler with the National Weather service, UNA has complied with the highest storm ready standards.

“I think it`s a sense of security more than anything.  If you look around you know schools have been impacted by severe weather and if there`s not a proper plan in place you run the risk of more injuries or fatalities even,” said Nadler.

NWS officials say this distinction gives authorities the capabilities to be better prepared before a significant weather event ever hits campus.

“We`re able to have safe places on campus, we`re able to communicate with the proper authority and the notification system so that in the event of an emergency we can quickly notify campus and everyone knows where they are to go to be in a safe place,” said university president, Dr. William Cale.

As part of the program, weather alerts will go out on the Lion Alert system, warning students and staff about the potential danger.

It's been a long process to acquire the certification, but campus leaders say it's an achievement that puts safety first, for everyone.

UNA is just one of five storm ready campuses in Alabama.