Hazel Green Students: Safe Behind the Wheel

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Students at Hazel Green High School learned the dangers of distracted driving.

It's a part of an effort to emphasize why it's not work the risk.

Hazel Green Junior Wyatt Robinson drove the course.

”It was impossible, I couldn`t see anything, I hit all the cones, I`m usually a real good driver but I couldn`t drive at all like this.”

The Madison County Sheriff's department started the hands on lesson last year.

Sgt David Moody heads up the program.

“We make them read signs on the mirror, make them change stations on the radio, make them reach in the back to get a book bag, text.”

The drill is designed to distract even if it takes more than one time through.

“Go through 1st time undistracted, 2nd time you go through it you`d be distracted.” Sgt. Moody explains.

Students who participated in the drill say mission accomplished.

Student Erin Washington share about the experience “It was weird, it was different, I could kinda see sometimes, other times I was like, I don`t know where the road is.”

Organizers say they have one goal in mind.

State Trooper Curtis Summerville works with prevention.

“This is the time of year we tend to lose a lot of children to car crashes, prom summer vacations, crashes among children tend to pick up.”
Sgt. Moody stays focused on the mission: “All we`re here is just trying to save a life.”

In addition to the driving course, the students also complete three hours of in class training.