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Driver Says Intersection Is Dangerous For Kids

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - On Highway 43 in Franklin County, just outside the Russellville city limits, you reach the intersection with highway 60. You really have to be paying attention too, because the intersection is hard to see as you approach it. That contributes to the problem say neighbors who use the intersection. "It's quite dangerous because of the speed, and you have no visibility," says Bob Vall. Bob is talking about the fact that sight lines in one direction aren't good. Oncoming traffic is coming over a hill, and they're tough to see till they're almost on you.

Highway 43 is also busy, and drivers are travelling 65 miles per hour, or faster. For drivers on Highway 60, wanting to turn on to 43, it's a tough situation. "If they're distracted in any way. A text message or to answer the phone, there's a wreck," says Mr. Vall.  The most recent wreck at the intersection happened just a couple of weeks ago, and the driver died. More than 20-neighbors who use the intersection told WHNT News 19 that they've seen other wrecks, and other fatalities.

For drivers who use the intersection daily, the wrecks are a major concern "They're afraid it's going to be their family, or a school bus t-boned or something," says Boyd Parker.  One school bus driver who uses the intersection daily says she hates it. "Usually when I cross it, I've got 40 plus kids on there, and that's a lot of lives. I'm nervous, very nervous," says Tammy Thomas.

Nervous is a good word to describe drivers who use the cross roads, and they're tired of the feeling. "If they don't want any more fatalities at this intersection, they're going to have to do something," says Bob Vall. I asked Boyd Parker if he'd take most any kind of change. "Anything would be an improvement," says Boyd.

WHNT News 19 is taking action, and discussing the situation with both state and Franklin County officials.  The intersection needs something to make it safer, and we're working on it.