Political Leaders Respond To Alabama Democratic Chairman’s Resignation

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Amid party in-fighting, Chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party, Justice Mark Kennedy, has announced his resignation.

(Read his letter of resignation here.)

But rather than stepping down from the forefront of Democratic Party politics, he's hoping to reset what it means to be the minority part in Alabama."

"We want to send a loud and clear message to those who want to obstruct our progress either get on board or get out of the way," said Clete Wetli, Chair of the Madison County Democratic Party.

Wetli supports Justice Kennedy's departure, saying his resignation from the state party was a long time coming.

"He's really tried to advance things where there has been some people on the executive committee who have served as nothing but really obstructionists to his vision."

Almost as soon as he officially takes his leave on Monday, Kennedy will be announcing his non-profit foundation called the Alabama Democrat Majority. The organization will aim to support Progressive Democrats, and better identify the vision of the state minority party.

"We’re not watered down Republicans," said Wetli.

Republican Legislator Mike Ball responded to Kennedy's resignation, saying in his eyes the state Democratic Party has been on the decline. However, Ball hopes they come back stronger.

"Alabama has a strong football team because they play in the SEC and have other strong teams to play against. Batman needed the Joker. Superman needed Lex Luther, and the Majority party needs a Minority party to put them on their best game," said Ball. "Right now the Democrats are in disarray."

While Kennedy's departure indicates a rift in the state Democratic Party for now, Wetli believes the party is on the rebound.

"Sometimes things have to fall apart in order for them to come back better and stronger," said Wetli.

Kennedy will be announcing the formation of the Democratic Majority at 12 p.m. on Monday, at the Harbert Center in Birmingham.