Decatur Police Investigating Youth Football Fundraising Pitch

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - Some parents in Decatur are already thinking ahead and signing up their children for youth football leagues. Now, the police are getting involved.

Investigators say somebody has been signing up children and collecting money for a youth football league that doesn't exist.

Someone has created a Facebook page for the Pop Warner Youth Football League in Decatur. Once signed up, parents were encouraged to sell items like cookie dough and plastic cups to help raise money for registration, equipment, and for the team's other expenses.

One couple sold more than $800 worth of merchandise, but after they turned in the money, the orders never arrived. The family is now trying to figure out how to pay back their friends and family.

Decatur Police are investigating, and say they do expect to file criminal charges. If you have been contacted by someone claiming to work with the Pop Warner Football League, please contact Decatur Police at (256) 341-4600.

Decatur's actual youth football league, called Decatur Youth Football, is not associated with this.