More than 300 Homes are Better Prepared for the Next Time Severe Weather Strikes

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TENNESSEE VALLEY, (WHNT) – Tonight more than 300 homes in the valley are better prepared the next time severe weather strikes.

WHNT news 19’s Lee Marshall has more on today’s taking action community outreach.

During severe weather, warnings matter and seconds count.  WHNT News 19 is taking action to keep you safe. We had crews spread across north Alabama programming weather radios.

Joann Scott from Hackleburg got her weather radio programmed in Russellville.

“Got nervous last night about weather & bought a weather radio,” said Scott.

Sandy Odell lost her home in the April 27 storms.  Two years later, she rebuilt and is finally moving back into her home — with a weather radio.

“It’s kind of ironic that a storm was moving through last night and I heard you guys were programming radios so I got one and here I am,” said Odell.

Shelly Sills came to Hampton Cove to get a weather radio programmed for their Dutton Group homes that were hit by the storm two years ago.

“We want to be weather aware, we want to have an alert. We have 2 group homes and want to keep everyone safe at all times,” said Sills.

Today’s weather radio programming event raised more than $3,800 to be used to provide weather radios for families in need.