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iphone as scanner

If you`re 20 years old or older, you may remember the good old days of having a cell phone that could store phone numbers, make phone calls and maybe take pictures and that`s it.

In 2013, smartphones serve as your phone, your internet, your camera, your remote control… and now your biometric scanning machine.

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The iPhone 4 or 4s can now be used to create a profile of a person, including the person`s iris, face, voice, fingerprints, and biographical information. It’s information that’s all accessible with the tap of a finger.
The hardware and software, which is the first of its kind for the iPhone, is called AOptix Stratus and uses an app and wrap-around device to collect the data.

If you’re wondering who will use it, the Department of Defense paid $3 million in February to develop an enhanced version of what the public can buy.  You can think of law enforcement using it to verify the identities of people.

It costs $199 to outfit an iPhone 4 or 4s with the new technology.

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