NASA Praises “Solid” $17.7 Billion Budget Proposal

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Despite initial uncertainty about their financial future, NASA officials were pleased to find what they called a "solid" proposal in President Obama's fiscal year 2014 budget blueprint.

The agency was appropriated 1$7.7 billion, with Marshall Space Flight Center being given $2.18 billion.

The director of Marshall Space Flight Center called it a solid and stable budget, in line with what they need to operate and grow.

Within that $2.18 billion is funding for exploration, support for the international space station, various space technology assignments, and for astrophysics and space weather research. It will also provide funding for construction and revitalization projects.

Marshall's director Patrick Scheuermann says this budget gives the organization the necessary resources to keep them on track for some of their top priorities.

"I think in these times that we're in of economic and budget uncertainty, when we get a budget like the one we just got, and basically a reiteration of Marshall's purpose in the agency,  I think it's outstanding news," said Scheuermann.

Marshall Space Flight Center is playing a key role in development of the Space Launch System and testing the James Webb Space Telescope.

Scheuermann says this budget will ensure employee's jobs are secure at Marshall Space Flight Center. However, he could not speak on how other agencies within NASA will be affected by this budget.

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