Click Picks: Tears in Space

astronaut crying

So we`ve all been there:  something we hear or see touches an emotional side of us and before we know it, here come the tears.   On Earth, you can cover it up and soak up the tears pretty quickly, if you don`t want anyone to notice.  But what do you do when you`re in space? posted video of a Canadian astronaut demonstrating what happens:

The video originally appeared on YouTube by janes950 and has garnered a few hundred views.  Astronaut Chris Hadfield demonstrates what happens, although he used drinking water to do it.  You can see how the drops pool up on his face.  And the water will stay there until the bubble gets so big, it moves to another spot on his face or it`s removed.

So astronauts don`t get any help from zero-gravity, if they happen to tear up in space.

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