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Analyst: Congress Likely To Pass Gun Control Legislation

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(WHNT) - Congress will soon settle the most recent round of gun control debates - at least in terms of the federal government's action.

WHNT News 19 Political Analyst Jess Brown says congress likely will vote on the issue, though he says some senators face intense pressure to stall the process, "I can see them going through a filibuster, and they'll play through the political theater. After there's a filibuster for a while, either they'll walk away or there will be a cloture vote."

Brown says gun control likely will pass - though he says it will be very limited.  He says legislators have found a slim middle ground, "They feel comfortable that if they expand background checks a little bit, they enjoy a political comfort zone there."

But Brown says gun control debate at the national level likely won't define gun control in the near future, "I think the real impact of the Connecticut shooting will not be gun control legislation that's passed at the federal level.  I think they'll tweak on the margins at the federal level, but when you go from state to state, the state laws that are going to be altered on gun control could be rather dramatic."

We've already seen dramatic new gun laws pass in Alabama - allowing people to keep guns in their cars at work.

On the national level - Senator Richard Shelby's office (R-AL) says he will not vote to end a filibuster on gun control legislation.

Senator Jeff Sessions' office (R-AL) did not respond to our request for information on his stance.