Standing Water Makes One Huntsville Street Dangerous

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Every time there's any significant rain in Huntsville, the problem puddle appears on California Street.  It's at the intersection of California and Hermitage Avenue. At its peak, the puddle can extend almost the width of the right lane for north bound drivers. "I think it's definitely a safety hazard," says Walter Williams.

Ask any driver who uses California Street on a regular basis, and they know about the puddle. They know what can happen when you forget about it, or don't know about it, and hit it. "Oh yeah, oh yeah, it will jerk you all over the place, it sure will," says Williams.

If you hit the puddle just right, water will cascade over the front of your car, blocking your vision. It'll also pull your vehicle to the right. I asked one veteran of California Street, if he'd seen anyone's vehicle affected by hitting the puddle? "I've done it, I didn't have to see somebody else and it pulls your wheel. It can cause a wreck," says Jimmy Murphree

There's another problem with the puddle. Drivers familiar with the situation try to avoid hitting it. To do that, they swerve to their left. Sometimes they swerve into the adjacent lane, but that's not the only problem with swerving. "I've seen people swerve out in front of me, trying to avoid it," says Murphree.

People we talked to agree, the puddle has been a hazard for several years, and it ought to be fixed. We're taking action, and taking the concerns to city officials. This is one drainage issue that needs attention now.